Founded by two recent Cambridge graduates, Westbound Maths Courses are designed for Exam Preparation and Grade Improvement with proven results- 88% of our past students improved their final grades by at least one band from predicted grades!


Virtual A-Level Maths Course

Course Overview

The Pure Maths Crash Course covers the entire A- Level Pure Mathematics syllabus accounting for 2/3 of the final exam weight in just 10 lecturesFor each class, we handout consolidated key notes, and give out weekly homework that strongly resemble exam questions to help students improve their exam-taking techniques. Students will not only learn how to be better at Maths, but also how to be more efficient with their studying.

Exam-styled Homework
Mistake Diagnosis

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About Us

Jenny Liu

Founder of Westbound Maths

MPhil Economics, University of Cambridge

BSc Economics, London School of Economics (LSE)

Jenny has been doing A-Level Mathematics tutoring and classroom teaching since 2016. She taught at the Millwall Youth Football club and tutored students of all grades. More importantly, having been a student until recently, Jenny understands the challenges of exam-taking and help students target that in particular.

In 2018, Jenny found  Westbound Maths, a structured course designed for exam preparation and grade improvement, to bridge the gap between learning and exam taking.


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