Jenny Liu

Founder of Westbound Maths

MPhil Economics, University of Cambridge

BSc Economics, London School of Economics (LSE)

Jenny founded Westbound Maths, a structured course designed for exam preparation and grade improvement, to bridge the gap between learning and exam taking.

Jenny has been doing A-Level Mathematics tutoring and classroom teaching since 2016. She taught at the Millwall Youth Football club and tutored students of all grades. More importantly, having been a student until recently, Jenny understands the challenges of exam-taking and help students target that in particular.

The idea of an exam-centric Maths course came to us when we were tutoring students for their AS and A-Level exams. The most common struggle our students faced was to translate classroom learning into answering exam questions. In searching for a solution, we were surprised to find little resource on exam-taking techniques. So we started Westbound Maths, a structured training course specifically designed to prepare students for exams from early on and help student achieve desirable grades.