We are Michelle and Jenny, founders of Westbound Maths, a structured course designed for exam preparation and grade improvement

The idea of an exam-centric Maths course came to us when we were tutoring students for their AS and A-Level exams. The most common struggle our students faced was to translate classroom learning into answering exam questions. In searching for a solution, we were surprised to find little resource on exam-taking techniques. So we started Westbound Maths, a structured training course specifically designed to prepare students for exams from early on and help student achieve desirable grades.

Michelle Liu

MPhil Economics, University of Cambridge

BSc Mathematics, University College of London (UCL)

Michelle graduated from UCL BSc Mathematics with a First Class Honors in 2015. She has taught maths to pupils of different levels, from scholarship exam to Westminster School to Scottish Highers. Michelle took the Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers in Glasgow, where she achieved A1 in Higher Maths only five months after moving to the UK. This can be largely attributed to the exam-taking techniques that Michelle has absorbed in China and she is now keen to pass them to others.


Jenny Liu

MPhil Economics, University of Cambridge

BSc Economics, London School of Economics (LSE)

Jenny has been doing A-Level Mathematics tutoring and classroom teaching since 2016. She taught at the Millwall Youth Football club and tutored students of all grades. More importantly, having been a student until recently, Jenny understands the challenges of exam-taking and help students target that in particular.