2020 Spring Term
A- Level Applied Maths Course

Saturday, 10.00-12.00 (2 hours)

9 Weekly Classes 

8 February - 4 April

(No half-term break)

Location: Swiss Cottage Library

Price: £450

Course Content:

  • Entire A-Level Pure Maths syllabus, accounting for 2/3 of exam topics.

  • Structured classroom teaching by topic

During Class:

  • Structured, exam-centric classroom teaching 

  • Consolidated handouts with key learning points

  • Ample exam-styled questions 

After Class:

  • Learning doesn’t stop after the classes, we all know practice makes perfect

  • Homework designed to complement classroom teaching is given out each week

  • We mark the homework and go through common mistakes to guide students through some of the more challenging questions