In designing the course, we leveraged our own student experiences of undergoing primary and secondary education in China, together with A-level and higher educations in the U.K. to bring you the best of both systems. The British education focuses on understanding of the curriculum which serves as a foundation to everything that follows- that’s why we always start with key concepts and learning points for each class. The Chinese education emphasizes the importance of Practise makes Perfect - we benefited from this approach, so we carried it through to our course whereby ample exam-styled questions would be covered from day 1 to help students get into the exam mindset.


  • Come to the first class on us!

  • Simply choose a course below to book your first lesson and pay afterwards if you'd like to keep coming. 

  • Two course types: Autumn/Spring- term classes and Summer- term bootcamp

  • Content: 2020 Autumn and Spring-term classes collectively cover the entire A-Level Mathematics syllabus, with Pure Maths (2/3), Statistics (1/3) and Mechanics (1/3). 

  • Location: Swiss Cottage Library

  • Classroom size: max. 15 students

Lent term photo1.jpg

2020 Autumn Term

A-Level Classes

Saturday, 10.00-12.00 (2 hours)

9 Weekly Classes 

28 September- 7 December

(Half-term break: 19 Oct, 26 Oct)

Price: £450

During Class:

  • Structured, exam-centric classroom teaching 

  • Consolidated handouts with key learning points

  • Ample exam-styled questions 


After Class:

  • Learning doesn’t stop after the classes, we all know practice makes perfect

  • Homework designed to complement classroom teaching is given out each week

  • We mark the homework and go through common mistakes to guide students through some of the more challenging questions

Easter term photo1.jpg

2019 Summer 

A-Level Bootcamp

3 Classroom teaching

Saturday AM 10.00-12.00

27 April, 4 May, 11 May


3 Full-Day Bootcamp

Both AM (10.00-12.00) and PM (2.00- 4.00)

25 May, 26 May, 27 May

Price: £450

​In the Morning:

  • Exam-styled mock, under exam conditions

  • Each paper is carefully designed to make sure all examinable topics are covered


In the Afternoon:

  • Go through the morning mock exams in details, with special attention to the questions students struggle with

  • Consolidated handouts with key concepts for exam preparations

  • Additional questions for students to practise