For Prospective Students: 

Q: Do you teach the new A-Level Maths specification?

Yes, the course is designed for the new A-Level Mathematics specification (taught since September 2017).

More details on the new A-Level Mathematics specification can be found on the Department for Education website.

Q: Which exam board do you teach?

Our course caters for all exam boards as the course syllabus and teaching materials are based off the A-Level Mathematics contents published by the Department for Education. The content is the same across all exam boards offering A-levels Maths exams from June 2018 onwards. Additionally, we studied different exam boards’ interpretation of the universal content and their question styles to ensure a full coverage of examinable materials for all students.

Q: How are you different from tutors?

We are different from tutors as we offer a structured, comprehensive training course that not only covers the whole syllabus but also focuses on exam-taking techniques.

In fact, both of us started our career in education as tutors and we still think tutoring is a great way for students to target knowledge gaps. However, what we often found missing in our students is not the lack of knowledge but the ability to apply knowledge to answering questions. Many students mistakenly pinpoint their struggle with Maths to missing knowledge, when in truth, what they miss is the problem-solving skill. And that’s what drove us to start Westbound Maths where we can offer a holistic and practical approach to tackling A-Level Maths exams.

Q: Do you run classes for other Maths levels or subjects?

Currently we only run training courses and bootcamps for A-Level Maths students.

If you like our approach and would like to see us extend the course to a different level or subject, be sure to let us know in Contact. We will monitor the interests and roll out the most highly demanded courses in the future.

Q: Do you run classes at other locations or times?

During term time, we only run training courses on Saturday 10:00- 12:00 at Swiss Cottage Library.

If you have preference for other locations, be sure to let us know in Contact. We will monitor the interests and roll out courses in other locations where the demand is the highest.

For Current Students: 

Q: What if I miss a class?

We strongly advise students to attend all classes as the course is designed to cover the whole syllabus with the later classes based on things covered in previous classes. Missing a class would mean missing certain topics in the syllabus. However, we understand that sometimes circumstances require students to be elsewhere and we are always here to help students catch-up. Students can pick up a copy of previous class’ handouts; we will mark any late home works and have time for Q&A after class each week.

Q: Can I still join after the term has started?

We continue to take students during the course of the term. However space is not always guaranteed as there is a 15-student limit to each class.